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I’m an international brand that needs safari content, how does this work?

Being a remote business, your location shouldn’t matter – you can either choose to create your own brief or look through my existing content catalog and choose images that suit your brand. If you require a product shoot/shot, I have an import/export license (thank you interior design stint) so happy to acquire your product from you and fit it into our next safari expedition.

How will I know when you are travelling so I can fit in my brand shoot?

Click here to see my travel board – this shows our planned trips and the spaces that are left for Colab shoots. Alternatively we work on a timing agreement to get your product safari-styled.

What’s the difference between a collab shoot and a product shoot?

Just like you, I too am growing my business presence.


A collab shoot is when I have created my own content story and ask brands to be a part of it. This is done on a trade-exchange and mention basis. I only have specific spots per travel trip for brand collabs and paid product shoots avail. I have the discretion to approve a brand for this offering based off if it works for the content story I need.

A Product shoot is when the shoot is paid for by the brand and content is shot according to their style.

I just need an image of a specific place for my social media, do you sell images?

Absolutely. I have a whole content library of all the places we’ve been to. I am currently working on an image library for the safari industry but in the meantime please send me an email with your request.

I own a lodge in Botswana that I need pictures of, do I have to pay for you to get here?

Yes, all travel requirements are covered by the client on property shoots. (Unless we are travelling through the area you're in, we can discuss timing and needs. Please check the travel board for our movements.)

Who takes pictures of you?

I have a very trusty piece of equipment called a tri-pod, his name is Guy and he’s my insta-husband. I’m very lucky to have my husband as part of my content team, he’s a great photographer and knows all my angles. And yes, he is included in all travel costs that require my face.

Do you do your coaching sessions online or in-person?

As a remote business (and due to the current social climate) I prefer to do most coaching sessions online via video chat. Visit my services page that will explain how this works.

Are your rates set in stone? What if I want a bit of everything?

I’m happy to discuss your needs and create a custom package based on your business needs. In the meantime check out my rate card to see if your requirement fits in.

Can I use you as a brand ambassador in exchange for content?

That's something I would explore, however, much like everything about this brand, if what you want me to promote is in-line with my personal values and brand positioning, then let's chat!​ Remuneration comes in many forms but it's got to benefit both parties at the end of the day.




I'll be in contact soon!

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