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Safari moments, that transport you.

Gone are the days of "point and shoot"; photojournalism has become an art and extension of a photographer's heartbeat, swirled in passion and devoured by authenticity. It's not enough to show dead spaces, because we are living beings, and when we see somewhere we want to go we want that feeling of transportation.

As a mindful photographer, my end goal when travelling in Africa is to photograph this wild world as our home; to inspire longing, that desire to belong, the anticipation of tummy fluttering life-changing experiences that lie ahead of us - my visual stories are here to remind you of this emotion, to inspire you to feel.

Being privileged enough to photograph remote and wild places, the inspiration that develops in the present moment, is ultimately what produces the outcome of my work. It's about finding the scents, the sights and the sounds of the African Wilderness and transport that into shutter moments that connect you to every living thing. It's a brand's story that is felt in the hands of its people, the guardianship of its protectors and the yearning to return to through its hospitality that drives my photographic inspiration. 

My pictures are here to inspire conscious and meaningful connections to travel but also highlight our planet’s remaining wild spaces. I understand the power of responsibility to educate, inspire and encourage not just travellers but other creatives in my field too. 


“Jemma. WELL DONE again on all your amazing shots, posts and stories – we have been following your incredible account closely and to say I am impressed is an understatement, I am blown away!. I can honestly say, that of all the “business of connecting audiences to their ultimate safari experience” people I have worked with, Jemma has delivered way above expectations.”


" From the moment we started talking with Jemma we knew that we wanted to organize a collaboration – it felt like fate that we would work together on photographing our newly built Malachite Tented Suites.

We had very specific days available for the shoot which Jemma kindly accommodated us on at short notice and post-shoot we had a near impossible deadline to have the images edited in order for them to be displayed at a large travel show. Jemma worked with passion to shoot and produce beautiful content to share with the industry. She is easy to communicate with, a pleasure to host and an asset to have as a trusted partner within the industry!"


"We did not expect this amount of incredible content. She captured the real, raw feel of Shipwreck. We will definitely be using her for our other lodges."



“We love having Jemma capture our spaces, her style, professionalism and passion really shows up on her deliverables. We’ve used her for most of our lodges and will always welcome her back.”



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