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Wild Safari Winter Lightroom Presets - Pack of 3

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Style your images with the NEWEST additions to the Wild Preset Collection.


I created these presets based on our travels in the African Bush during the winter months. They're inspired by the colours of African winter and compliment just about any tone, at anytime of the day during this season. Think epic landscapes, wild animals and all the palettes of safari vibes. They can be applied to any image to create a beautifully dramatic, bright or warm edit – just like you see on my Instagram.

NOTE: Lightroom presets will look different on every image. Consider the lighting, colours, subjects and settings of the sample image featured when deciding which image to apply the preset to. You will likely need to make some adjustments after the preset is applied to achieve your desired effect. Remember, that these presets are just the base of your editing, and you'll soon be styling your own preset to match your personal theme.


  • Link embedded in the PDF to download your presets
  • A full instruction manual on how to download Lightroom CC for Mobile (this is a free application)
  • Step-by-step guide to saving your preset and uploading your first beautifully edited image.
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